"Nobody Needs to be Homeless"

I'm in need of resources and want to know where to get them

I want to volunteer to participate in local community service

Our organization wants to make a difference in Whittier

Our Key Values

The Whittier Consortium on Homelessness is driven by a set of principles that push for better


Our goal for connection and community is action, for the betterment of our community.


Ideas, resources & actions are made more powerful and solutions come when we collaborate for the better good.


Seek ideas & ways that work, and be willing to adjust when ways that once worked are no longer effective.


While deliberaiton and research are important keys, solutions bring relief and service

Open, Respectful Inquiry

Our needs transcend opinions and bents; collective problems require collective understanding and deliberation.


Our Vision

A Whittier where we all say as one “nobody needs to be homeless.” We see this accomplished through the caring, coordinated efforts of the public and non-profit services in the community meeting the needs of a diverse population.


Our Mission

The mission of the Whittier Consortium on Homelessness is to manifest the vision by developing ideas, facilitating partnerships, educating our community, the homeless and interested groups and agencies, and by advocating on behalf of our non-profits, our homeless, and the community at-large.

Homeless People in Whittier


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Year 2016


Year 2017


Year 2018

Our Guiding Philosophy

RICE: Reciprocal Individual & Community Engagement. RICE is a philosophy of community development and engagement that has as its core three ideas: Human Dignity, Potentiality, and Interdependence.

  • Human Dignity: Dignity and worthiness of respect is not granted but is inherent. Every person has inherent value, every person is worthy of compassion, and every person is distinct.
  • Potentiality: There is power in the uncreated future. Looking to the past, while necessary for understanding, is second to looking and moving from potential: potential in people, ideas, and community.
  • Interdependence: We need each other. The success and pains of one do impact the other.


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