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"Nobody Needs to be Homeless"

About Whittier Consortium on Homelessness

Our History

In 2015, a group of Whittier community members took notice and concern with the spike in community neighbors without a place to call home.  Understanding that the number of people experiencing homelessness had risen dramatically across the Los Angeles area (and indeed the state), text & social media messages...

What We Do

The Whittier Consortium on Homelessness is a collaborative network aimed at getting things done. The Consortium is comprised of small groups of activated community members taking the lead as collaborator in key areas representing our Community.


Our Key Values

The Whittier Consortium on Homelessness is driven by a set of principles that push for better


Our goal for connection and community is action, for the betterment of our community.


Ideas, resources & actions are made more powerful and solutions come when we collaborate for the better good.


Seek ideas & ways that work, and be willing to adjust when ways that once worked are no longer effective.


While deliberaiton and research are important keys, solutions bring relief and service

Open, Respectful Inquiry

Our needs transcend opinions and bents; collective problems require collective understanding and deliberation.